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Brahms/Gilliland: 10 Studies for Trombone and Piano

Brahms/Gilliland: 10 Studies for Trombone and Piano

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It can be difficult to find a musician who doesn’t like Brahms. After all, what’s not to like? The lush harmonies, the intelligent orchestrations, the appropriate use of all of our instruments so that we really do often sound our best when playing his music.

That lead me to think, is there a way to utilize these materials, written for a related instrument, by a master composer? I was of course a little hesitant to make any changes since Brahms really is a master composer and orchestrater, but I found that with careful handling of the material a way was found to a more useful application of these studies.

The result before you is one I am very excited about. First, I chose keys that were slightly less traveled than the ones originally chosen by Brahms. I also chose registers that I found technically challenging for our instrument. Finally, I contacted my friend and occasional partner-in-crime David Gilliland about the idea of composing piano accompaniments for these Studies, and to my delight David agreed to do just that, and I could not be more excited with the result!

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