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Robert Denham: A Bachs of Suites

Robert Denham: A Bachs of Suites

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In 4 volumes: Purchase the volume you want individually, or bundle all 4.

"These are great dance movements in the style of Bach, yet are written more idiomatically for a low brass instrument. A selection of movements would work great on a recital or for demonstration, and the whole collection will bring years of enjoyment and study for anyone who cracks these open. I can't wait to learn them all!"
- George Curran, Bass Trombone, New York Philharmonic

"A Bachs of Suites is a notable addition to low brass study and performance literature.
Composer and educator Robert Denham demonstrates his affinity for Johann Sebastian Bach’s music in characteristically written solos and duets. His music is inventive and fun to play. Dr. Jeff Baker’s editing sensibly illuminates Mr. Denham’s voice. Denham’s accompanying performance notes easily describe the Renaissance and Baroque source material informing each composition. I enthusiastically recommend Robert Denham’s Bach of Suites to motivated players seeking to - further develop their musicianship."
- Dave Kirk, Principal Tuba, Houston Symphony, Associate Professor, Shepherd School of Music (Rice University) 

“These books of solos and duets from the prolific mind of Robert Denham is a must-have for the library of any tuba player! Experienced musicians will immediately recognize the stylistic writing imitating J.S. Bach, but will also enjoy exploring the whimsical, light-hearted music of Denham. As the melodies stray between both composers, it's up to the performer to decide on interpretation. Great for students who are learning the style of Baroque dance suites, but want something more friendly to the classic tuba register before diving into full-blown Bach transcriptions. I thoroughly enjoyed working through this book!”
- Aubrey Ford, Principal Tuba, Baltimore Symphony

“Robert Denham has given a gift to the tuba teacher, student and performer. We are constantly in search of quality music - for lessons  and recitals - here it is! From simple to complicated, this music is perfect for all occasions.”
- Douglas V Tornquist, West Coast Recording Artist

"This set of compositions is a major new addition to the repertoire for tuba. They are fun to play and very challenging, utilizing the full range of the tuba. While they are set in traditional Bach-like dance forms, there are plenty of interesting harmonic and rhythmic surprises. Robert Denham has a wicked sense of humor that is on full display. These will be enjoyed by college and professional players on any tuba (or cimbasso!)."
- Fritz Kaenzig, Prof. (Emeritus), University of Michigan

"Robert Denham has composed a wonderful set of etudes and duets titled "A Bachs of Suites" for low-brass instruments based on the music of J.S. Bach. I find them very melodic and in a perfect range for tuba. They will be excellent practice (and possible concert) pieces for students and professionals alike. You can't go wrong using Bach as a template. I encourage all tuba and other low-brass players to get this book and I congratulate Robert for this excellent addition to the repertoire".
- Jim Self, West-Coast Recording Artist

 “With these 45 solos and 15 duets, Robert Denham has given bass trombonists a great resource to use in working with advanced students, and provided hours of fun, musical material ideal for use on a recital program, playing duets, or just as a daily workout for your chops.  To maintain technical development and long-term musical satisfaction.... this book should be in every bass trombone studio!”      
- David Stetson,  Principal Trombone, Pacific Symphony

A Bachs of Suites is an entertaining and challenging addition to the bass trombone and tuba etude and duet literature. With a modern twist, the style is reminiscent of Baroque suites and sonatas that low brass players don’t get enough opportunity to delve into. The etudes could work well as unaccompanied recital pieces, even arranged in a suite. The duets are challenging and enjoyable and would be great for professors and students to play together in applied lessons.”
- Natalie Mannix, Professor of Trombone, University of North Texas

“Practicing Robert Denham’s A Bach of Suites proved to be a truly enjoyable experience! The music emulates the music of Bach yet with its own twists and turns.  As a bass trombone doubler, the range and technique involved proved the perfect challenge to develop and work my bass trombone skills.  The duets throughout the book are a great tool for teaching and working with students on Bach styles and harmonies while also providing some fresh new duets to perform.  The best part of this etude book is that it is written in a way that will allow the performer to create their own suite of music to use in a recital.  It’s a great book and very well thought out for the teacher, performer, and student! I would highly recommend this book for anyone working on their low range skills!”
- Justin Cook, Professor of Trombone, University of Central Arkansas

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