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Robert Denham: Death... and Life for Cimbasso and Piano

Robert Denham: Death... and Life for Cimbasso and Piano

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Last Breath: We do not get to choose our death; the time, method, or level of pain that comes with it. In some cases, death “politely” calls out in front of itself, proclaiming that it is on its way. In others, it rudely barges onto the scene and robs us of years we thought we still had left to live. We tell ourselves we can defy death but really, at best, we can only put it off. Last Breath represents the potpourri of emotions that could come with the dying process; there may be warmth, emphatic denial, or even resignation. But in many cases, there is also hope.

Lifeburst: What will the experience of resurrection look like? A sense that, when all seemed 
quiet, dark, and empty, life is suddenly present again? I imagine that there will be phases to the process of awareness, starting with the question, "is this really happening?" and progressively moving towards "what will I see next," and more importantly, "with whom will I come face to face?" As reality sets in, so do the ramifications of renewed vitality. I imagine the experience as an ever-increasing burst of life. Whereas bursts in this present existence have their impact and then dissipate, this burst perpetually grows; it gets better, brighter, more clear with every moment. This movement borrows elements from the minimalist style to represent such unrestrained energy, growth, and joy. From another perspective, this style is also useful due to its tendency to cause time to "stand still." In this way, the music captures a small and imperfect glimpse of eternity.

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