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Brad Edwards: Memories of the Spirit for 3 Bass Trombone Soloists and Trombone Ensemble

Brad Edwards: Memories of the Spirit for 3 Bass Trombone Soloists and Trombone Ensemble

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Memories of the Spirit was commissioned by the Brad Palmer and the Columbus State University Trombone Ensemble for the opening concert of the 2013 International Trombone Festival. The premiere performance was given on June 26th, 2013. The soloists for that performance were:
Bass Trombone 1 – Charles Vernon (Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
Bass Trombone 2 – James Markey (Boston Symphony Orchestra)
Bass Trombone 3 – Denson Paul Pollard (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra)

The four accompanying parts may be doubled at the discretion of the conductor. The piece’s title is inspired by memories of loved ones we have lost. Even through the pain of loss, we remember joyous, spirited moments from their lives. The writing of this piece took a different direction upon the tragic news of the accidental death of Giselle Ortiz, a freshman student in the Columbus State trombone studio. The piece is dedicated not just to her spirit but to the spirit of any loved one no longer with us.

Brad Edwards teaches trombone at Arizona State University and is the Principal Trombonist of the South Carolina. In addition to this piece, he has written Blue Wolf for unaccompanied trombone and Four Impromptus for Low Bone Alone for unaccompanied bass trombone. Warwick Music in London, England publishes both pieces. He has also composed a number of fanfares in commemoration of International Trombone Week. These fanfares can be downloaded from the website of the International Trombone Association as well as his website (below).

Dr. Edwards has written a number of pedagogical books including Lip Slurs, Lip Slur Melodies, Tuning Drone Melodies, Introductory Studies in Tenor and Alto Clef, and the Simply Singing for Winds and Trombone Craft/Bass Trombone Craft series. In 2013, he released a CD, “Trombone And…” which features concert duets pairing trombone with other instruments. This recording includes another of his compositions, Five American Folk Song Sketches for horn and trombone.

A more recent project is the creation of one-minute audition solos, ideal for all-state band auditions. Following a commission from the state of South Carolina, he has composed over 170 pieces for all woodwinds and brass. All these pieces are available for free download from the website:

Dr. Edwards also maintains an educational trombone-related website:

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