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Brad Edwards: Circadian Suite for Trombone Octet

Brad Edwards: Circadian Suite for Trombone Octet

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I composed most of Circadian Suite during my winter break (2018-2019). The impetus was a pair of commissions from the trombone studios of Tennessee Tech and the University of Delaware. I composed a three-movement suite for each group with the thought that they could be combined into a larger work. There are connections between the two suites.

  • For example, the middle movement of each suite features a sustained B-natural. (I’ve sometimes wondered what it might be like to play them attacca).
  • The overall mood of the Night Suite is darker and more foreboding.
  • The amygdala is a portion of the brain connected with powerful emotions. It can become very active during sleep.
  • It is probably best to place the bass trombones in the center with the high voices (1st and 5th trombone) on the outside edges. Other arrangements are possible.
  • Performers are welcome to mix and match movements as they see fit.
  • The ensemble should be set up antiphonally with the high voices (1st and 5th parts) on the outside edge with low voices (4th and 8th parts) in the center.

Brad Edwards – bio (as of January 2019):

Trombonist Brad Edwards has appeared as a soloist before audiences in the United States and Europe. He has twice played concerti with the Army Band at the American Trombone Workshop. Audiophile magazine praised his CD, “Trombone And…” saying, “The performances are all excellent.” Dr. Edwards was a member of and soloist with the Air Force Band in Washington D.C. and has held positions as Principal Trombonist with a number of regional orchestras. He has performed with the Phoenix Symphony, Baltimore Symphony, Baltimore Opera, National Symphony and Charlotte Symphony.

Dr. Edwards teaches at Arizona State University and has previously taught at the Universities of South Carolina and the Northern Iowa. He is best known for his pedagogical books including Lip Slurs, Lip Slur Melodies as well as the Trombone Craft, Simply Singing for Winds and Patterns and Snippets books. His newest book is The Intermediate Trombonist. He has also composed 176 one-minute audition solos for all woodwinds and brass. These can be found at His latest project has been the composition and recording of 24 Concert Pieces for trombone and piano.

His website:

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