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Ilan Morgenstern ed. Ohnstad: Contrabass Trombone Exercise Library Project

Ilan Morgenstern ed. Ohnstad: Contrabass Trombone Exercise Library Project

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Friends, after a fair bit of nudging and a lot of work I'm thrilled to share ContraTELP: The Contrabass Trombone Exercise Library Project!  On offshoot of my TELP series, this will include both some familiar exercises and new ones specifically tailored for contra.  Extra care has been taken to write for both F/D/BBb/Ab and F/C/Db/A tuning systems.

This was important to me to really focus on the unique tuning issues of the contrabass trombone: every time I pick it up to play in public, which is not very often for me, I find intonation is the first hurdle.  

Other than that it's all the same jazz: Exercises to tackle a variety of playing challenges, and mp3 files to keep you honest about your time, intonation, response, and general contrabass trombone well-being,

A BIG BIG thank you to my bud John Ohnstad for editing my work and helping point out missed opportunities: In John I found not only a keen partner but the holy grail for a guy in my position: a person who actually practices contrabass trombone on a daily basis and is always in shape on the instrument.  Thanks John!!!


For those who play above 440 on a regular basis, I offer a version of ContraTELP in High Pitch.

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