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Alex Knutrud: AltoNative Unchained

Alex Knutrud: AltoNative Unchained

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AltoNative Unchained: Etudes for Alto Trombone in ALL Keys

The study of alto trombone is a lifelong endeavor: While many of us seek to simply be able to perform the big B’s (Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms) in concert when called upon a few times a year, others want to study the instrument as a second primary instrument and build a lifelong relationship with the literature. This book is designed to support the ever-growing boundaries of what is possible on the alto trombone, and to further the development of pedagogical and artistic excellence for the instrument.

Each of these etudes is written in a particular composer’s style. I find it great fun to try and imagine how each composer would have envisioned the alto trombone, and how that would fit within their artistic vision.  As a style exercise, this additional layer of preparation can yield great growth in your musicianship.

Each of these short pieces works as an etude or a short recital piece.

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