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Linda Landis: Flow Studies and More

Linda Landis: Flow Studies and More

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An interesting combination of textbook and exercise book to help both aspiring players and teachers, by veteran Diva trombonist Linda Landis.  

"After over 50 years of private teaching of hundreds of students, professional playing in big bands, combos, numerous pit orchestras, recording sessions, tours with the DIVA Jazz Orchestra, backing many artists on lead and bass trombone such as Frank Sinatra, Jr., and 18 years with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, this book is a result of finding an easier way to do things, a better way to address the issues of aging chops regarding warm ups and flexibility, and most importantly, the improvement of air flow in a very easy, simple, non-stressful, yet effective way. Improving high range along with the original focus of air flow became an unexpected pleasure of the air flow exercises. The exercises have been designed for any level of trombone player with a few challenges for more advanced trombonists, especially bass trombonists. Along with the exercises, I hope you enjoy the tips I’ve provided throughout the text of the book that I’ve learned over my career of 50+ years of teaching and performance that will help with your overall musicianship and care of your best friend."

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