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Ilan Morgenstern ed. McCourt: Tuba Exercise Library Project

Ilan Morgenstern ed. McCourt: Tuba Exercise Library Project

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Written for CC and F tuba in mind, Jarrett McCourt and Ilan Morgenstern are proud to present the Tuba Exercise Library Project!

The Tuba Exercise Library Project, an extension of the Trombone Exercise Library Project, or TELP, has been a side passion for me for many years. I find myself growing a little bored when I play the same exact routine every day, but on the other hand, I recognize how beneficial consistency and thoroughness is to my playing! 

This is informed by a feeling that I often have, that many of our standard fundamental books are organized in a way that doesn’t match how I might practice in a given day, causing me to “book surf” or start using tabs to find the exercises I actually use (you should see my old Arban's method!). Couple that with often repeating the same keys and gestures. I found my practicing to become less thoughtful - and less effective.  

That tension lead me to start using the same TYPE of exercises, but not necessarily the same exact ones; sometimes making small changes, and sometimes learning, or often making up new ones. I occasionally kept notes on my computer, and would sometimes jot down a little track. I found having the consistency of solid pitch and rhythm beneficial, and doing arrangements in a manner necessary to serve the exercise’s goals thought-provoking. 

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