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Ilan Morgenstern: Melody for Trombone and Harp

Ilan Morgenstern: Melody for Trombone and Harp

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After years of asking composers to write for my instrument I thought it's about time I put pen to paper and give it a shot myself.  I found myself writing in the oddest of places; airplanes, hotels, a pizza place... I started out trying to write a lyrical etude for trombone, but I had to take my own advice for a change.  I always ask composers to write what they hear and not what I ask for, and so, what came out was a lovely little piece for Trombone and Harp.  I hope you enjoy it!

5 minutes, moderate difficulty level.


A big shoutout to my friend Elizabeth Volpe, formally Principal Harp of the Vancouver Symphony and a wonderful performer and teacher (and composer!), who helped teach me how to write for harp!  Thanks, Liz!

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