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Morningstar Tenor Trombone Straight Mute

Morningstar Tenor Trombone Straight Mute

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Available with or without handle in Aluminum, Brass, Copper, and Plastic bottoms.

I don't trust myself with the finer points of tenor trombone mutes.  My first attempt, to just scale down the bass trombone mute, didn't work at all.  So I spent a lot of time collaborating with leading trombone players and listening to colleagues play prototypes.  After all that I am now confident this is not just a good mute but a GREAT straight mute.

  • Plastic: Surprisingly clear for me.  Least intuitive option but works well I think!
  • Aluminium: Clear, bright, and direct.  Most responsive and open especially in low register.
  • Heavyweight Aluminium: Dense, but with strong articulation.
  • Brass: A bit wider, articulation less pronounced.
  • Annealed Brass: Covered articulation, warm, but not as dense as copper.
  • Heavyweight Copper: Very dense.  Warm, can take a lot of energy without breaking up.

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