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Quesada: Symbios for Trombone, Piano, and Percussion

Quesada: Symbios for Trombone, Piano, and Percussion

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Roughly 6 minutes in duration.

About the piece:

For symbiotic relationships to be effective, it is necessary that the organisms that participate in the interaction share aspects of their identity, such as behaviors or adaptation mechanisms. However, the maximum degree of integration between the symbionts occurs when their union triggers a transfer of genetic material, causing the entities to merge into a new organism.

Symbios for trombone, piano and percussion tries to use this principle for its composition. The work is based on a single motif that undergoes transformations throughout four sections. This motif is shared, mutilated, replicated and developed between the instruments to depict an environment that emerges from these transformations. The result of this symbiosis reminds us that the form of a new organism is never definitive and always transgresses its previous form to find an appropriate adaptation.

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